Agriculture Business Ideas In Nigeria

Agriculture is the backbone of the economic system of a given country. It is a branch of the economy in Nigeria providing employment for about 50% . Its importance in Nigeria can indeed never be over emphasized, especially since we are no strangers to how life was before and during the colonial era when we depended solely on the production of food crops and cash crops.

The government rather than gambling and trying over and over on the Oil and Gas sector, needs to focus on revamping the agricultural sector to push up the continually dipping economy.

Have you been thinking of starting an agriculture business but don't know how and where to start?, Sit ,relax and grab a cup of coffee while you go through the following top agriculture business ideas.

Poultry Farming and Feed Production

Chicken and egg didtribution business

Maize Farming

Fresh Vegetable Business

Cucumber Farming Business

Cat Fish Farming

Snail Farming

Cassava Farming and Processing

Flower Business

Mushroom Business

Yam Flour Business

Bean Flour Business

Corn Flour Business

Quail Farming

Bamboo Stick Business

Corn Farming

Fodder Growing Business

Foodstuff Reseller Business

Plantain and Potato Chups Business

Starting a Blog on Agro Niche

Agro Based E-commerce site

Agro Export Agent

Shea Butter Extraction and Refinery

Farming Equipment Leasing Business

Spice Cultivation Business

Soy Bean and Zobo Business

Meat Processing Business

Tomato Processing Business

Local Food Restaurant

Grass Cutter Farming

Bread Fruit Business

Palm Oil Business

Sugar Cane Business

Honey Business

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